Certain services provided by the Doctor are not covered by the N.H.S. and you may be asked to pay a fee, e.g. Pre-employment medicals, private medicals, insurance claims, private certificates, fitness to drive medicals, passports, driving licences. Please see below:

Certificates Fee

Straightforward certificates of fact (Housing / School)


Medical Report 


Private sick note 

Accident / Sickness / Insurance Claims Form £50
Freedom from Infection certificate  £30
Private medical Insurance claim form £50
Certify Fitness for Exercise  £30
Adoption / Fostering Forms  £87.50
HGV Medicals, Taxi, Employment medicals  £140
Passport Countersignature  £30
Access to Computer Records  Free 
Report on a pro forma, no examination £89.50
CAPITA PIP  £37.50